What is Denver High Def

Sight. Sound. Story. Three words that get attention, three words that paint a picture of what we’re all about at Denver HighDef. We combine creativity, technology, and service to breathe life into your concept, to let your imagination take hold, to meet your budget and your deadline. We provide complete production services and a little old fashioned elbow grease to take your project from concept to completion, or to provide just the specialized parts you need: Write, produce, shoot, edit, rent, DVD, Internet, lunch.

The very foundation of Denver HighDef is composed of an extraordinary group of creative professionals. Each one of us lends our own skill sets and personal work experiences to the overall brainpower of our production ensemble. With our uniquely combined specialties we are able to approach each project with dynamic ideas and concepts, keeping each piece of work we put out fresh and individual for every client. On any given afternoon (or whenever the opportunity presents itself) you may find us huddled within the 18% Gray and Caterpillar Green walls of an edit suite sharing in a collective brainstorm. We are a group of people that can successfully produce a crisp, clean corporate training video during the week and then further exercise our creativity in an independent film festival the following weekend. So whether our clients come to us with a clear concept and a complete script or just a description of what they’d like to accomplish through video media, we’ll get the message across – sight, sound and story.

What’s it like living in Denver?

What’s it like living in Denver?

So you want to know what it’s like living in Denver, Colorado. Well the short answer would be splendid but I will go into a bit more detail.  First the altitude and weather. It takes a little bit of getting used to when first arriving in Denver. If you come from a lower elevation city or state then you will notice you will get more winded then you are used to when performing simple physical acts like climbing stairs. It will take your body at least a month or 2 to fully acclimate to the new altitude.

As for the weather, it is in a word unpredictably predictable.  This means that while the city gets 300 days a year of sun or more, many of those days are peppered with random rain or thunderstorms that seem to come out of nowhere and leave just as mysteriously.

Check back next week for the rest of this article on the city of Denver.


Denver – Old West


In the modern and con-temporary culture the old west is defined as a time and age where Americas settlers have moved west of the Rio Grande river all throughout the countryside towards the great mountain ranges making their path through the desert. In that migration voyage many stories were conceived and songs written on the subject of hard living, love and old west of course. Nowadays we still have remnants of the old west culture though dusty cowboy hat men are almost instinct you can still found a location or two holding that old west charm. Despite the times being very tough on the people of the era old west is most known for its romantic and charming tales.

Denver – Gold rush

Settlements were built to accommodate numerous gold diggers and their families. Those are the roots of our Denver and from that small settlements grow up a city as we know today. We can be thankful to gold rush era and all the people that have settled in Denver area for founding our city. Gold rush has not lasted alas people have moved away but many have stayed behind switching their living to agriculture and live stock. Some argue that in the times following the gold rush is when the true old west soul of Denver has been conceived. However times after the gold rush were very tough and people were hard working to maintain their living conditions – in the other words there was nothing romantic or charming in the old west after the gold rush. Since tales of the old west tend to be on topic and subject of charm and romanticism we will stay true to the word and just pretend gold rush never has ended for purposes of our article.

Howdy stranger

There is something to all that friendliness incorporated in the tales of the old west. There are tales of honor and compassion, love and hate, cowboys and Indians but the most touching stories begin with friendliness of the old west people. In howdy stranger we can recognize respect, no matter if you are a woman, child, what skin color you have or where are you from originally. In romantic old west everyone is welcome and is greeted with open hands. I have been playing Fallout: New Vegas lately and there you can see a modern representation of old west together with “howdy stranger” attitude. There is definitely something attractive in the good side of the old west coin. I almost wish if we would ever get visited by beings from another world that we would greet them “howdy stranger” and be marry on our way like nothing spectacular happened.

Denver – Old West

Despite being a modern 21st century metropolitan city Denver does retain a good deal of its old west inheritance. Make sure you do not miss our Buffalo Bill museum opened in 1921 with excellent insight in the old west culture and the time when Buffalo Bill legend was still alive. Denver also an excellent western art collection of art and memorabilia which you can see at Denver Art Museum. To finish our story, you can also visit old town Denver and see for yourself how the old west past merges in the modern era throughout the area. You can even be lucky to find a saloon like bar and perhaps somebody would even greet you with “howdy stranger“.